Leveraging Opus for Efficient Mortality Rates Benchmarking and Quality Improvement

Overview of the Problem

Quality and safety teams in pediatric hospitals are often tasked with the challenging responsibility of comparing and understanding mortality rates by diagnosis and speciality against other peer institutions. This comparison, while essential for improving patient outcomes, can be challenging due to fragmented data and lack of real-time analytics.

The Role Opus Plays

Configo Health’s Opus serves as a comprehensive solution to this problem. Our pediatric hospital benchmarking analytics platform, with over 14 million pediatric encounters, allows for efficient comparison of mortality rates by diagnosis and specialty against peer Children’s hospitals. Opus helps in identifying variations, tracking trends, and providing an opportunity for early intervention to improve patient outcomes. Its seamless integration into existing workflows ensures that insights and solutions are readily actionable.

Value Created by Opus

  • Cost Savings: Opus automates the process of benchmarking mortality rates, reducing the costs associated with manual data analysis and saving valuable time.
  • Outcomes Improvement: By highlighting areas of concern early, Opus allows your hospital to take swift action, leading to improved patient outcomes.
  • U.S. News Performance: Enhanced patient outcomes and benchmarked performance contribute to improving your hospital’s ranking in the U.S. News & World Report’s Best Children’s Hospitals list.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Opus aids in meeting regulatory requirements by providing immediate and comprehensive access to mortality data across diagnoses and specialties.
  • Improved Reimbursement: Better understanding of mortality rates can support improved reimbursement negotiations, particularly under value-based payment models.

How to Use Opus to Solve this Problem

Opus Quality & Safety allows users to analyze, visualize and report outcomes like mortality rate in a variety of formats. Most importantly, Opus Quality & Safety has a specific Mortality Summary report that contains a customizable overview of key analyses around mortality. This report allows hospitals to see variations in mortality against external benchmarks by diagnosis, department, procedure or by individual physician. These reports can be customized and scheduled to be sent automatically to appropriate administrators and clinicians on a regular basis for continuous improvement.

By utilizing Configo Health’s Opus, you are not only investing in a cutting-edge analytics platform, but you are also partnering with a team committed to driving better understanding, promoting operational efficiency, and enhancing patient outcomes in pediatric care.

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