Achieving Comprehensive Quality and Safety Performance Overview with Opus

Overview of the Problem

Understanding quality and safety performance in the complex environment of a children’s hospital often requires navigating multiple systems and data points. This process can be time-consuming, and key performance indicators might be overlooked, hindering a complete, holistic understanding of hospital performance.

The Role Opus Plays

Opus, Configo Health’s pediatric hospital benchmarking analytics platform, leverages its comprehensive database of over 14 million pediatric encounters to deliver a complete overview of quality and safety performance. Opus includes all major outcomes and safety indicators in one place, offering an unparalleled panoramic view of your hospital’s performance. It allows quality and safety teams, as well as executive leadership, to effortlessly benchmark and compare performance against other children’s hospitals, integrating seamlessly into your existing workflows.

Value Created by Opus

  • Cost Savings: Opus’ comprehensive overview facilitates the identification of inefficiencies across the system, driving cost-saving opportunities.
  • Outcomes Improvement: With complete visibility of all major outcomes and safety indicators, your team can drive targeted improvements to enhance patient outcomes.
  • U.S. News Performance: Enhanced outcomes and safety performance can contribute to a higher ranking in U.S. News & World Report’s Best Children’s Hospitals.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Opus’ comprehensive overview supports compliance with regulatory requirements for transparency and quality reporting.
  • Improved Reimbursement: With Opus, you can demonstrate high-quality, safe care that meets payers’ standards for performance-based reimbursements.

How to Use Opus to Solve this Problem

Every hospital is structured differently and hospitals with multiple campuses often have difficulty reporting to internal stakeholders who are associated with only one campus. Configo works directly with hospital teams to understand each unique structure and ensure that the data we collect supports the real world reporting needs of each hospital. In Opus, Configo configures specific campus-level reports displaying outcomes like readmission, mortality, LOS and patient volumes. Hospital leaders can then send appropriate reporting to teams, whether that is at the system, campus or even unit level, all compared to internal and external benchmarks.

With Opus by Configo Health, you’re equipped with a comprehensive tool that simplifies your quality and safety performance overview, drives efficiency, improves outcomes, and ultimately advances your mission to provide the best care for children.

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