Harnessing Opus to Improve Length of Stay Rates and Enhance Pediatric Care Quality

Overview of the Problem

In children’s hospitals, length of stay (LOS) for encounters varies significantly based on diagnosis, provider and speciality. This variance can have profound implications on resource utilization, quality of care, and patient satisfaction. However, identifying LOS trends and benchmarking against peer institutions is a challenging task, given the complexity and limited availability of pediatric healthcare data.

The Role Opus Plays

Configo Health’s Opus platform, grounded in a vast database of over 14 million pediatric encounters, offers a breakthrough solution. Opus allows your teams to compare LOS rates by diagnosis and speciality against other peer children’s hospitals, thereby highlighting critical trends and opportunities for improvement. This robust platform integrates seamlessly into your existing workflows, enabling immediate translation of insights into action.

Value Created by Opus

  • Cost Savings: By illuminating variations and trends in LOS, Opus helps identify areas for quality improvement, more efficient care and cost savings.
  • Outcomes Improvement: With real-time insights, your team can swiftly adjust practices, leading to reduced LOS, increased patient turnover, and ultimately improved patient outcomes.
  • U.S. News Performance: Higher operational efficiency and improved patient outcomes enhance your hospital’s standing in U.S. News & World Report’s Best Children’s Hospitals rankings.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Opus ensures transparency in LOS data across diagnoses and specialties, thereby supporting regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Improved Reimbursement: A lower LOS often translates to more favorable reimbursements under value-based payment models, benefiting your bottom line.

How to Use Opus to Solve this Problem

Opus Quality & Safety allows users to analyze, visualize and report outcomes like LOS rate in a variety of formats. Most importantly, Opus Quality & Safety has a specific LOS Summary report that contains a customizable overview of key analyses around LOS. This report allows hospitals to see variations in LOS rates against external benchmarks by diagnosis, department, procedure, trended over time or by individual physician. These reports can be customized and scheduled to be sent automatically to appropriate administrators and clinicians on a regular basis for continuous improvement.

Selecting Configo Health’s Opus means you are choosing more than an advanced analytics platform. You are embracing a team dedicated to promoting deeper understanding, boosting operational efficiency, and enhancing patient outcomes in pediatric care.

LOS Summary