Optimizing Your Data Quality with Configo Health’s Opus

Overview of the Problem

Quality administrative data extracts are pivotal to effective hospital management and reporting, yet understanding the variations in data quality can be challenging. Without accurate reporting data and external benchmarking, these disparities can potentially undermine strategic decision-making and hospital performance.

The Role Opus Plays

Configo Health’s Opus, a sophisticated pediatric hospital benchmarking analytics platform with over 14 million pediatric encounters, provides an excellent solution. Opus enables data teams to assess the quality of their administrative data extracts by benchmarking against data submissions from other children’s hospitals. With Opus, variations and anomalies become easier to identify, leading to more robust data sets and improved analysis.

Value Created by Opus

  • Cost Savings: By identifying anomalies and discrepancies in data extracts, Opus helps avoid costly errors and improve the accuracy of data-driven decisions.
  • Outcomes Improvement: Better data quality leads to more accurate analyses, supporting your mission of improving patient outcomes.
  • U.S. News Performance: High-quality data reporting can contribute to a better performance in U.S. News & World Report’s Best Children’s Hospitals.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Opus’ comprehensive data quality assessment ensures compliance with data accuracy requirements mandated by regulators.
  • Improved Reimbursement: High-quality, accurate data supports performance-based reimbursement negotiations with payers.

How to Use Opus to Solve this Problem

When data are uploaded into Opus, Configo’s technology conducts an extensive AI-enabled audit process to ensure data integrity – both for each hospital and for our benchmarks. Records deemed to be in error are flagged and sent back to the hospitals with detailed instructions on correction, so hospital IT teams are not unduly burdened. This has allowed Configo to create a dataset of substantially higher quality than elsewhere in the pediatric population for confident QI decision making.

With Opus, your team has the power to assess and improve data quality, supporting superior performance and leading to better patient care. Ensure the integrity of your administrative data extracts with Configo Health’s Opus.