Visualizing and Addressing Disparities in Access to Care with Configo Health’s Opus

Overview of the Problem

Healthcare disparities remain a significant issue in pediatric care, with certain demographic groups disproportionately seeking care in emergency rooms instead of primary care or clinic settings. This imbalance indicates an underlying inequity in access to appropriate care, impacting children’s health outcomes and stretching hospital resources. These disparities can also adversely affect your hospital’s regulatory compliance, U.S. News performance, and financial stability.

The Role Opus Plays

Opus, Configo Health’s benchmarking analytics platform, stands as a robust tool in the fight against these disparities. With a database comprising over 14 million pediatric encounters, Opus utilizes advanced analytics to identify trends and potential sources of variation in outcomes across different patient populations.

Opus Equity takes that robust data set and applies an equity lens, allowing your hospital to visualize and compare its performance with other children’s hospitals across different patient populations (race, ethnicity, SES, sex and age), thereby highlighting areas for improvement. It integrates seamlessly into existing workflows, enabling the transformation of complex data into actionable insights to effect meaningful changes in clinical practice.

Value Created by Opus

  • Improved Access Equity: Opus automatically surfaces the specific patient populations and care settings that contain inequitites, paving the way for more equitable delivery of care.
  • Cost Savings: By reducing the overuse of emergency services and promoting primary care access, Opus can significantly reduce the cost associated with emergency care and unnecessary hospital readmissions.
  • U.S. News Performance: Improved access to care and better health outcomes can enhance your hospital’s performance metrics and elevate its position in the U.S. News & World Report’s Best Children’s Hospitals list.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Opus aids your hospital in meeting and surpassing regulatory requirements related to health disparities, improving compliance and reputation.
  • Improved Reimbursement: As healthcare continues to transition towards value-based models, increased access to care and improved outcomes can strengthen your negotiating position for better reimbursement rates. Opus provides the data to back up these discussions.

How to Use Opus to Solve this Problem

Opus Equity was created to identify disparities between patient populations within your organization and compare your outcomes to external benchmarks. The platform contains specific reports tailored to highlighting disparities within access to care settings by patient populations. Hospitals can easily visualize, for example, the care-settings where their patients with Asthma are seeking care, and the patient demographics of those patients. All of these reports bring in comparisons to external benchmarks, creating a truly best in class Equity suite of tools for tackling healthcare disparities at your organization.

At Configo Health, we are committed to aiding your journey towards improved access equity in pediatric healthcare. With Opus, you have more than a benchmarking analytics platform; it’s a strategic partner dedicated to driving impactful improvements in access, operational efficiency, and financial health.

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