What a success!

Riley Children’s Health’s inaugural Pediatric Benchmarking Summit 2022

Together, we explored architecting a new wave of data-driven outcome improvements

Our summit brought together leaders from more than 25 best-in-class pediatric hospitals across the US to reimagine the ways we leverage data and benchmarking to deliver care.

We shared case studies and rolled up our sleeves to workshop practical applications and solutions like:

  • How to use Quality & Safety data to drive decisions and tailor them to your organization
  • How to take advantage of underutilized datasets 
  • How to use data as a strategic asset
  • How to improve equitable outcomes by leveraging Health Equity Benchmarks
  • How to reboot the OPPE/Credentialing process

The good news is that we captured the highlights of the day, so you can still take advantage of everything we learned.

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